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  • womens-health-summit1
    No Treatment for Leading Cause of Heart Failure in Women, Summit Hears

    As there is no cure for the leading type of heart disease that kills women, women have been advised to take preventative measures. “They need to own this disease. Women’s health should be defined as women’s heart health.” Said Dr. Sharonne Hayes at Canada’s first summit on the crisis of women’s heart health....

  • fat-shaming-prevents-women-from-going-to-the-doctor
    Body shame is officially putting women at a higher risk for heart disease

    Women feel too fat-shamed to get checked for heart disease, and that has to stop. A recent study found that nearly half of women (45%) were cancelling or postponing doctors’ appointments to lose weight first....

  • Untitled-design-12
    Women in business honoured at the Female Entrepreneur Awards

    Five business leaders were honoured at the Female Entrepreneur Awards last night, which celebrated and showcased some of the finest achievements of women in business this year. The night drew attention to the entrepreneurial success of women in Australia, supporting a community of innovators, disruptors and business owners.......

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