Quit smoking

Risks of SmokingIt is NEVER too late to quit smoking.  This is the best thing you can do, not only for you but also for your family. As soon as you quit, you start repairing your body, reduce your risk and gain many other health benefits. You will improve your circulation by reducing your heart rate and blood pressure almost immediately. Within a few days you will have improvements in being able to taste your food better, and in a few months your lungs will improve by over a third. In a year, you would have cut your risk of a heart attack by 50%.

Tips to assist you to Quit Smoking:

Identify important reasons as to why you should quit and write them down

Make a firm decision & plan your quit attempt (a quick new years resolution is not always the best time!)

Talk to your GP so you have support and they may suggest other ways to prevent withdrawal symptoms

Understand your own smoking behaviour and what triggers your desire to smoke. Develop a plan to distract yourself so you can avoid the triggers and perhaps put a healthy substitute in place!

If you fail to Quit the first time, you must keep trying. Research shows that the success rate of Quitting is higher if you never Quit Quitting!

Call QUITLINE: 13QUIT (13 78 48) or visit the website: http://www.quit.org.au/

Also for those who might want to see the effects of smoking on your appearance – take the time to have a quick look at The British Heart Foundation’s smoking time machine: https://nosmokingday.org.uk/i-want-to-quit/smoking-time-machine-app/